Short Game Academy

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PITCHING – CHIPPING & BUNKER PLAY -. These elements of the game of golf are undoubtedly the hardest to master, but the most rewarding and score reducing when mastered. Many professionals teach the golf swing, but few will ever be able to teach club delivery, impact conditions, spin control and shot visualisation around the greens.

The easiest way for any player at any level to improve their game is to improve the “Short Game”. If you are serious about your golf and you want to lower your scores and reduce your handicap you are fortunate to be here at the “The Science & Art of the Short Game”.

If you have ever wondered why the top players make chipping & pitching look so easy, it is not just the time they spend practising, it is because they have the correct technique, with this technique comes the ability to control flight and spin, once you control spin, your visualisation and imagination can be used correctly. Once these components fall in to place only then can you begin to understand “Feel”.

Before you can master the “Art of Short Game”, you must understand the “Science of the Short Game”


Firstly you will learn Club Delivery which is the key to launch and spin dynamics.

Then you will learn impact dynamics, in order to be able to maximise “Spin” and distance control

The most immediate way to control wedge play is to understand “Wrist Mechanics”. That’s why I use the Hackmotion Sensor to measure all elements of how your wrist mechanics effect your club delivery

Lead wrist mechanics in pitching and chipping is crucial. In all great short games and small movement at the wrist level can be decisive in both good ways and bad. As the HackMotion sensor allows to detect even the slightest movements, it is a great tool to understand the details of wrist mechanics in the short game.

To learn more about wrist mechanics in short game, get in touch with Stewart and explore various pitching and chipping shots. 

Finally its ultimately important to understand how all of your body segments interact to create perfect club delivery. That is what WedgeWorks will do for your short game